Lourdes López-Merino

ENVIROVEG, Unidad de Botánica, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

I am a palaeoecologist with interest in understanding long-term human-climate-environment interactions. To this end, I perform multiproxy-based reconstructions of past environmental change. Thanks to the long-term environmental records, I detect patterns and processes of environmental change, as well as the impact that climate and/or anthropogenic stressors have on the structure and functioning of environmental systems.

I am currently a Madrid Talent Attraction Fellow at the  Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), where I am investigating the palaeoecology of terrestrial and marine carbon sinks (peatlands and seagrass meadows). Before that, I worked as Marie Skłodowska-­Curie Fellow (Sep. 2019-Jun.2020) in the EcoPast group at  Universidade de  Santiago de Compostela (Spain), as Lecturer in Physical Geography (Jan. to Aug. 2019) in the Department of Geography, Geology and the Environment at Kingston University London (UK), and as Research Fellow (Sep. 2010-Aug. 2017) in the Institute of Environment, Health and Societies at Brunel University London (UK).

I have secured research funding in all stages of my career. First, I got a collaboration scholarship at the Department of Ecology of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2003-2004). Then, I was awarded an I3P PhD scholarship by the ESF-CSIC at the CCHS-CSIC (2005-2009). After my PhD, I won a postdoctoral
fellowship by the Spanish Government to move abroad (2010-2012). Since then, I awarded a MINT fellowship (2013), a Leverhulme early career fellowship (2014-2016), an AHRC interdisciplinary grant (2016-2017), a Researcher Visibility Award (2016-2017), a Marie Skłodowska­-Curie fellowship (2019-2020) and a Talent Attraction fellowship by the Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid to start my own group at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2020-2024).