Ada Pastor

Postdoc. Department of Biology, Aarhus University, Denmark.

I am a freshwater ecologist, focusing my research activity on aquatic biogeochemical processes. I conducted my PhD thesis in Ecology at the University of Barcelona (finished in 2014) and later conducted my first postdoc at the Catalan Institute for Water Research.  I am currently working at Aarhus University where I am studying the sources and processes of nitrogen in Arctic freshwaters. My research has been awarded by the Villum experiment funds for innovative research projects.

Along with my research, I have been involved in several initiatives about gender balance in academia. I have actively participated in the Gender & Science group of the Iberian Society of Limnology (AIL) since its foundation in 2014. This group is working on several initiatives to advance towards gender equality in the field of limnology.

Recorded Talk