Paloma López Guerrero

Independent Researcher, EpisKey SL, Spain.

I am a Paleontologist with a Geology background and a science communicator.  My main field of research, deeply rooted in the study of systematics, phylogeny, morphometry, and macroevolutionary dynamics of rodent faunas. I finalized my PhD at the Complutense University of Madrid focusing on rodent faunas of Europe from about 14 million years ago. After a postdoctoral stage at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna, to study the cricetids (hamsters) found in the  Oligocene of Mongolia, I returned to the Complutense University of Madrid.

I have as well a strong interest in science dissemination. In order to reach wider audiences beyond the specialized spheres, I have also employed more innovative ways of science outreach, including new technologies and social networks. I am responsible for the department of science communication at a private company, a work that involves online web positioning and social network management. I have also been developing and performing paleontology and geology workshops for high school kids that contribute to a better understanding of Natural Sciences. I have co-founded the committee for the organization of the outreach activities of the mammal locality of Somosaguas (Madrid). I am treasurer at Women with the feet on the ground association.