WISE is a virtual conference to talk about diversity and equality in Ecology.

The number of women in academia at every position, -researchers, PIs, head of departments, editors- is insufficient, and embarrassing. And this situation is not because women lack professional ambition, nor scientific originality! In this conference, we aim to shortlist a number of actions to boost diversity and equality in Ecology.

Diversity is important for Science- creative discovery is related to the workforce and the diversity of minds within it. If one of the purposes of science is to discover the rules that govern life on Earth, that would allow people to live on a healthy planet, how important would it be to get it right?

Diversity is important for Ecology- Scientists’ interest in ecology and evolution is none other than diversity, its origin, its consequences, and its conservation. We know that diversity is an asset to life. So, why not trying to boost diversity in academia?

With equality and diversity, we all win – Feminism is a project of profound transformation and it includes everybody. There is a multiplicity of living beings which in no way can be reduced to binary. So, we need to open academia to everybody, aiming to be a safe and inspiring community to work with.

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Women in Ecology


Academic environment and gender issues vary naturally across different cultures. In this event, we focus particularly on European Ecology -with a small non-European representation. The aim of WISE is to brainstorm about potential solutions which might be implemented by different European ecological societies participating in the event. We will love to explore different issues in the future!
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Do you know what our logo means?

The logo is a little owl (Athene noctua). It is the symbol of Athena in Greek mythology. This is also a symbol of wisdom and knowledge in Western cultures.

It has been designed by Celia Arias-Vaquerizo, who is a researcher and illustrator specialised in the dissemination of heritage and science.