Florencia Yannelli Lucero

Researcher, Ecological Novelty Group, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

My research has been so far positioned at the interface between invasion ecology and restoration ecology. My interest in these disciplines relates to their importance for diversity conservation and the management of threats such as invasive species. In this context, my most recent research focuses on how abiotic factors, plant traits, and soil bacterial communities act in combination influencing plant competition outcomes and invasion success in urban ecosystems.

I am also interested in understanding how invasive species impact plant-microbial interactions and how these changes affect ecological restoration efforts. Further, part of my work has been also on synthesis in invasion ecology and on the impact of global change drivers on extinction rates and biodiversity.

As a female STEM researcher, I have seen first hand the issues associated with lower representation of female scientists in higher positions in academia and the lack of appropriate mentors and role models. I am therefore committed to helping to change this by trying to inspire more women to join STEM disciplines and to shed light on the struggle that young scientists have to overcome to reach those positions.

In the journey to do this, I have become a proud member of the Soapbox Berlin Team since 2020 and am actively trying to mentor and include young female scientists within the different scientific committees where I serve.

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