Pauline Gagnon

Retired physicist, Indiana University, USA.

I was born in Chicoutimi in Quebec, Canada in 1955. As a young kid, I dreamt of understanding what were the fundamental constituents of matter. After teaching physics for a few years in local colleges, I fell in love with a woman, dropped everything and moved to California. There, I first studied at San Francisco State University then completed a PhD in particle physics at the University of California in Santa Cruz. I then started my research activities at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics located near Geneva, where I worked as a Senior Research Scientist with Indiana University until I retired in 2016.

From 2011-2014, I worked within the CERN Communication group, writing blogs for the Quantum Diaries and answering questions from numerous media worldwide. Explaining particle physics in simple and accessible terms has become my trademark. Since 2013, I have given more than one hundred presentations to large audiences in fourteen countries. I hope my book will allow me to reach even larger audiences since particle physics is too much fun to leave it only to physicists!

Recorded talk