Ana M. C. Santos (Guida)

Centro de Investigación en Biodiversidad y Cambio Global (CIBC-UAM), Terrestrial Ecology Group (TEG), Deparment of Ecology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.

I am a community ecologist and biogeographer, working at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Madrid, Spain) as an Asistant Professor.

I use an interdisciplinary approach for understanding patterns and processes in species coexistence and community assembly at different scales, with the ultimate goal of linking biogeographical and community-level processes. I focus my research mainly on island systems, but not exclusively. More recently I have started studying the impact of global change on ecosystem functioning, establishing a new research line based on field and laboratory experiments on the dung decomposition–land intensification relationship.

I am also interested in the topic of gender biases in academia. I have already supervised 4 undergraduate theses on this topic, and I am slowing building up a new research line on these issues (some of them are covered in my talk).

Recorded Talk